Centurion Insurance Services is pleased to provide our clients with value added information on loss control from our in house advisor, Rob Brooks. This is part three of a series on OSHA training requirements.

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In part one, we covered OSHA’s seven mandatory training subjects. Part two dove into additional OSHA training and instructor requirements. Today, we’re talking about ways to complete additional training with classes offered by Centurion.


Centurion Insurance Services can provide prepared training materials for the seven required and select specialized training subjects.

Course materials include PowerPoint presentations that can be modified by the user to include site specific information. Each course may be presented by an instructor in approximately two to two and a half hours. Instructors will need a computer, projector and PowerPoint software.

Centurion offers these training materials as added value services for our valued clients.

We also offer in-person instruction at your location for an additional fee. One of our qualified instructors will lead your employees through a Centurion training course, on site at your workplace. We provide the instructor, course materials and equipment. Contact Rob Brooks at rob.brooks@centinssvc.com for more information on scheduling an on-site course.

Can this required training be conducted outside an instructor led, classroom setting?

Yes. OSHA allows employers to conduct the training through an electronic medium such as computer, internet or by video. There must be a method to answer employee questions and these procedures must be directly communicated to participants. Vendors exist who provide this online service for a fee. In addition, select workers’ compensation insurance carriers may offer online training to their insureds.

Do we have to test our employees’ comprehension level after the training?

OSHA employee testing requirements vary with each subject. Even if there is no specific OSHA testing requirement, it is still a good idea for the instructor to gauge understanding of the material presented. This can be accomplished by administering a short quiz or asking questions orally to the participants. Centurion can provide you with quiz examples for many required training classes.


Yes. While OSHA does not specify the exact format in which to keep training records, there are five mandatory items that must be documented for all classes. These include the training topic, training date, instructor name, brief outline of the material covered and list of attendees. Centurion can provide you with sample templates to record this training.

Centurion Insurance Services offers a complete loss control advisory program. For more information on OSHA training requirements and other loss control procedures, contact Rob Brooks at rob.brooks@centinssvc.com or 606-434-0739.