Keep Your Employees Safe as They Return to Business Travel

As companies return to modified operations similar to what they experienced prior to COVID-19, we see business travel increasing.  At Centurion, we know this can increase your company’s risk and liability if an employee were to contract COVID-19 while traveling for business.  To help ease concerns about business travel, our Loss Control Manager has reviewed a number of bulletins and publications that rank certain human activities by their risk of being infected by COVID-19.  The reviewed documents were developed by the Center for Disease Control¹ and other U.S. public health agencies.  We have selected some activities that relate to business travel and rated them for safety.  

We did not confine our study to strictly business related activities.  We also included leisure activities in which a business traveler might engage, such as having a drink at a bar, working out in a hotel gym, or eating at a restaurant.


Activities by Their COVID-19 Risk Level

Risk Level 1 (Low)

  • Handling paperwork, assuming it hasn’t been touched recently touched by a number of people

Risk Level 2 (Low)

  • Getting restaurant takeout and not going inside the establishment
  • Pumping gas and not going inside the station or store
  • Using an outdoor ATM

Risk Level 3 (Low – Moderate)

  • Shopping at a grocery or convenience store
  • Walking with others
  • Playing golf with others

Risk Level 4 (Low – Moderate)

  • Staying at a hotel for two nights
  • Walking in a busy downtown area
  • Visiting an office
  • Eating outside at a restaurant

Risk Level 5 (Moderate)

  • Shopping at a mall
  • Driving solo in a rental car with the windows rolled down, assuming it has been properly disinfected

Risk Level 6 (Moderate)

  • Working for a week in an office building
  • Swimming in a hotel or public pool with others present
  • Attending a small meeting, class or workshop

Risk Level 7 (Moderate – High)

  • Going to a hair salon or barbershop
  • Dining inside at a restaurant
  • Traveling by commercial airliner
  • Shaking hands with someone

Risk Level 8 (High)

  • Eating at a buffet
  • Working out at hotel gym or fitness center with others present
  • Riding on crowded public transportation

Risk Level 9 (High)

  • Attending a stadium sporting event or concert
  • Going to a bar
  • Attending a large business convention
  • Interacting with people not wearing face masks or practicing social distancing

Activities by Their COVID-19 Risk Level

The degree of risk can be influenced by the the size of the room or enclosure, the ventilation, the amount of time spent there, the concentration of people and their physical activity levels.  

This information is provided for business risk management and loss prevention purposes only.   It is not intended as medical or public health advice.  The COVID-19 Activities Risk Levels indicated above are subjective and could be interpreted differently by others. They may also may be subject to change based on continuing research.

For additional protection, it’s important for businesses to seek the help of a qualified insurance professional. These professionals can help you review your insurance programs and recommend potential solutions to address your exposures. Centurion Insurance Services is here to help you navigate these concerns, review your existing policies, customize your coverage and provide loss control strategy. We thank you for letting us serve you during this difficult time.