Loss Control Services

Centurion’s in-house loss control specialist will customize a risk management program to help achieve your company’s safety and risk objectives. Loss control specialists provide compliance assistance, training and proactive risk management. Our team will help you set up a risk program, educate your employees and manage compliance issues.

Loss Control Services - Centurion Insurance Services

Risk Management Tools

Our loss control specialist has prepared tools that are customizable and ready for use, such as:

  • Business Drivers’ Packet
  • Corporate Safety Manuals
  • Employee Policy Manuals
  • Risk Management Checklists
  • Risk Management and Safety Classes
  • W.C. Cost Control Measures
  • Workplace Inspection Forms

Loss Control Help Desk

Centurion’s in-house loss control specialist administers a help desk, used by companies to call or email questions and receive a response within 24 hours.  This proprietary service is an added value for customers using our insurance services. Topics covered by the help desk include:

  • OSHA Compliance Assistance
  • Top OSHA Citations by Industry Group
  • Copies of specific OSHA, DOT & NPFA Regulations
  • Workers Compensation Cost Control Assistance
  • Copies of DOT Regulations, Inspection Protocol & Most Commonly Issued Violations
  • Business Contingency & Cyber Security Assistance
Loss Control Services - Centurion Insurance Services
Loss Control Services - Centurion Insurance Services

Carrier Support Services

Our loss control specialist serves as a link between the customer and carrier, working on behalf of the insurance producer.  Value added services for our customers and carriers include:

  • Building Valuations
  • Carrier Recommendation Guidance
  • Claims Analytics Reports
  • County Natural Disaster Rankings
  • Fire Protection Reviews
  • Flood Zone Evaluations
  • Basic Infrared Survey Reports
  • Survey Reports to Carriers  

The Centurion Advantage

Our in-house loss control specialist, Rob Brooks, understands that many risk management programs such as OSHA, safety and workers’ compensation compliance fall under the responsibility of a company’s human resources department.  To best work with clients who manage these important programs, he trained for and received a human resources certification. He also holds a training instructor’s card from the Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) and a 40-Hour Oil and Gas Safety Card from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Rob’s signature programs – help desk, training and support services – add to the Centurion Advantage. Mitigating risk, educating your employees and having 24 hour access to a help line adds an additional level of support to your business that Centurion is honored to provide.

Schedule a call with a Centurion Insurance Services associate to learn more about our customizable loss control solutions for your business.

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